Upcoming Re-Imagining

I have been working on a refresh of this site over the last week, and I’m getting ready to convert the mockup from the basic code to a finished WordPress Theme. But before I do that, I want to share a little bit about the change of direction that this theme will cause for the site.

The theme has been designed from the ground up with some of the newest technologies I have learned since I developed the original theme (M9S Version 1). A slight taste of these technologies include; SASS, Compass, Git, HTML5, Modernizr, and many others which I will tell about when the theme is released.

But the main reason I have developed this new theme – aside from playing with the above technologies – is to change the site format. Originally I was planning to do long form writing, but do to time constrains and the time it takes to do long form writing – I have decided to move away from that style. So the new theme has a focus on Articles and Link posts.

The Article posts are exactly what you think, a long form blog or tutorial post as expected. The Link Post is going to be links to interesting articles, sites, and other things of interests I find around the web. The idea for the Link posts were inspired by sites like Daring Fireball, Marco.org, The Loop, CSS-Tricks, and many other sites I follow. I feel that I can share more interesting content via Link Posts, because sometimes just sharing a link with a comment is more effective, than re-stating an article. I hope you understand with this new style I will be able to share more content with you, my dear readers.

I’m planning to launch the new theme sometime in mid February sometime – development and life allowing. So keep an eye out for the new design.

One last thing, I’m also going to share a sneak peek at the new layout today. Please feel free to share your opinions on the preview in the comments.

Mad9Scientist.com Theme Version Two

Preview of the Coming Theme