The New Skin of

Well after working for a few days in Photoshop and Dreamweaver, I have a somewhat final mockup of my new WordPress theme for this site. v0.0.1-ohm Mockup

I know having an image of a mockup is all nice and dandy, but I know that a picture isn’t as good as a true mockup in code, so I went ahead and uploaded a working mockup of the theme. There is still some functionality I’m still working on, so keep an eye out for the launch version of the site. The mockup requires a “Modern Browser” for all the niceties, and if your running Internet Explorer 6 – forget about it.

Feel free to take a look around the mockup, if you have any feedback on the design just drop a line in the comments.

By the way, I should be launching the final theme sometime before the end of May 🙂