Open a Samsung XL2270 Display for Repair

I recently needed to open a Samsung SyncMaster XL2270 (aka Samsung SMLX2270) for repair, because it would randomly have horizontal lines that run through it and I wanted to check the connections and capacitors.

When you check the monitor for screws or any other fasteners you won’t find any, so how do you get into it?

I’ll tell you how…

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Be Careful, if in doubt contact a Professional

Short Answer: Push/Pull the front bezel off starting in the corners.

The longer answer…

  1. First thing is disconnect any cables – power and video cables.
  2. Next remove the base plate by unscrewing it on the bottom of the plate
  3. Here comes the fun! You are going to place the display facing away from you (you are facing the back and see the words Samsung).
  4. Starting in the corners, push on the front edge (bezel) that borders the screen – I suggest starting on the top. See image for locations.
  5. Samsung XL2270 with arrows pointing to the four corners of the display from the back.

    Places To Push on Screen Edge

  6. The front bezel will POP off in that corner go to each corner and repeat. Warning – When the display is about open, be careful of some wires that connect to the front bezel. The back is what comes off completely.
  7. The Back will Pop Off and you may set it aside to inspect and/or repair the display.

In order to reassemble the display you line up the back and you pop it back on by applying pressure.

Also you may want to use Plastic Opening Tools or Guitar Picks to assist in opening the display.

I hope this was informative and useful.