is Coming Soon!

Welcome to the future home of Mad9Scientist! My name is Chris Holbrook aka Mad9Scientist, and I am a computer scientist, web developer, and so much more. Over the next few days or weeks I will be creating my personal web site here, which is powered by WordPress.

This site is “technically” in the pre-alpha stages of development, but when has that stopped anyone from seeing what is actually happening on the web :). Until I get my custom theme finished, I will be using the default WordPress theme. Which I’m glad to hear that the fine people over at WordPress have plans to replace the default theme with the next major release of WordPress – WordPress 3.

So in the mean time you will not find a lot of useful information on this site, but I will still post whatever pops into my mind. Since that is the purpose of a blog. However, the official release version of the site will include – this blog (well obviously), my portfolio, links to find me on social networking sites, my concepts or experiments I conduct, and most importantly – my other projects I’m involved in.

Chris Holbrook