CSS Reset Peril

If you don’t need to reset everything, just don’t! Cause some basic styles are better than no styles.

I just ran into this problem when I was writing the last post and I tried to use super-script and small tag, and guess what, they didn’t work! The reason they didn’t work was I reset everything. When I created the current theme (M9S v1), I was using the Eric Meyer CSS Reset with HTML5 Elements, which resets EVERYTHING – typography, spacing, margin, everything. So I coded the theme up and styled some of the most used items up and deployed the theme. I have been finding over the last several months that I forgot to write new styles for a ton of common typography elements. So every here and now, I must go back into my stylesheet and write the selector and styles for a given element.

I’m not blaming the reset, I just think resetting every style is just a heavy handed approach. I know that most developers have moved to Normalize.css, but some sites were created before Normalize, such as this one.

TL;DR: If you are going to reset all your CSS styles, make sure you write new declarations for all those styles you have just wiped out. Cause you never know when you’ll need those styles.