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  1. New Look and New Content

    After apparently two years of work (no not really), I just now deployed my new theme. Hopefully with this new theme I will be more likely to post articles and other content. Also I found out I posted a sneak peak at the new theme TWO years ago, which make me very sad. I really […]

  2. Laravel 5 Released

    The newest version of the Laravel Framework was released just a days. If you are a fan of Laravel or just PHP developer go and check it out, it looks awesome! I’m planning to use it to build my next project – my company’s management system. Laravel is everything good about PHP right now!

  3. The Death of RSS

    I know this topic has been discussed before, especially after the death announcement of Google Reader, but RSS is still around.

  4. iOS 7 Inspires Android

    A few weeks back I noticed an interesting trend, the new flatter design of Apple iOS 7 has began a migration to Android Devices.

  5. Upcoming Re-Imagining

    I have been working on a refresh of this site over the last week, and I’m getting ready to convert the mockup from the basic code to a finished WordPress Theme. But before I do that, I want to share a little bit about the change of direction that this theme will cause for the […]

  6. Early iPad 4 Release

    Back on October 23, Apple released the all new iPad Mini to the world, but they also updated another device – The iPad. Most people in the rumor mill suggested that Apple may re-release the iPad 31 with an Lightning Connector but no major spec bump until the usual March-April time frame. But lo and […]

  7. CSS Reset Peril

    If you don’t need to reset everything, just don’t! Cause some basic styles are better than no styles.

  8. Short vs Long Articles?

    I have been thinking about the length of articles lately, to be more exact should I focus on writing short and very focused articles or long and very detailed articles for my websites? The short articles I can get cranked out a lot faster than the long and thorough articles, which is obvious. On the […]

  9. Ghost Forums

    I’m the administrator of the discussion forums over at my companies’ site (Mad Scientist Technologies). The site has had a discussion forums since really the beginning, but I have noticed a trend with the forums – I’m the only real person there!

  10. Robots.txt and Humans.txt

    Most web developers have and always will create a robots.txt file, but a new and more fun file is the humans.txt file, and it is more interesting.