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  1. Laravel 5 Released

    The newest version of the Laravel Framework was released just a days. If you are a fan of Laravel or just PHP developer go and check it out, it looks awesome! I’m planning to use it to build my next project – my company’s management system. Laravel is everything good about PHP right now!

  2. The Death of RSS

    I know this topic has been discussed before, especially after the death announcement of Google Reader, but RSS is still around.

  3. iOS 7 Inspires Android

    A few weeks back I noticed an interesting trend, the new flatter design of Apple iOS 7 has began a migration to Android Devices.

  4. Upcoming Re-Imagining

    I have been working on a refresh of this site over the last week, and I’m getting ready to convert the mockup from the basic code to a finished WordPress Theme. But before I do that, I want to share a little bit about the change of direction that this theme will cause for the […]

  5. Early iPad 4 Release

    Back on October 23, Apple released the all new iPad Mini to the world, but they also updated another device – The iPad. Most people in the rumor mill suggested that Apple may re-release the iPad 31 with an Lightning Connector but no major spec bump until the usual March-April time frame. But lo and […]

  6. CSS Reset Peril

    If you don’t need to reset everything, just don’t! Cause some basic styles are better than no styles.

  7. Short vs Long Articles?

    I have been thinking about the length of articles lately, to be more exact should I focus on writing short and very focused articles or long and very detailed articles for my websites? The short articles I can get cranked out a lot faster than the long and thorough articles, which is obvious. On the […]

  8. Ghost Forums

    I’m the administrator of the discussion forums over at my companies’ site (Mad Scientist Technologies). The site has had a discussion forums since really the beginning, but I have noticed a trend with the forums – I’m the only real person there!

  9. Robots.txt and Humans.txt

    Most web developers have and always will create a robots.txt file, but a new and more fun file is the humans.txt file, and it is more interesting.

  10. A Reflection on Moving Websites

    This article was supposed to be originally published 2010-November-20, but was lost due to time constraints. As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been working on moving my websites from my old hosting company to my new server at MediaTemple. And after moving several websites from one server to another, I have some advice. […]