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  1. Learning to say No.

    Saying yes to things is the easy and natural path. Do you want some Ice Cream? You want a free widget? Learning to say no, is a necessary skill. Something I still have a problem with today. But I recently rediscovered two excellent articles – Ryan Holiday’s To Everyone Who Asks For ‘Just A Little’ […]

  2. UTC is enough for everyone …right?

    A very good article about how difficult it is to work with Time and Dates in programming. Zach Holman’s time puns make this a very enjoyable read, on a very complex topic with a ton of great information.

  3. Setup Postfix to Relay Mail for Specific Domains or Users

    I have been working with my mail server a lot lately and I ran into some problems of getting mail delivered to Mail Accounts (,,, etc) but I will discuss that more in another article (In Short two months later and still can’t). I have an user that subscribes to’s excellent […]

  4. How to use a paper towel

    I remember seeing this video many years ago, and since then I only use one paper towel to dry my hands. Take five minutes to learn how to use a paper towel.

  5. TED Interview with Linus Torvalds

    An excellent little interview with Linus Torvalds at TED. Get to know the man behind Linux and how Linux came to be.

  6. Dovecot Password Creation from PHP

    I’m currently working on making a Laravel based management system for my new mail service that I have setup using the Christoph Haas’ ISPmail Tutorial, Ars Technica’ Email Server Tutorial and others. I needed to be able to create Dovecot compatible passwords from my PHP application. So when it came to the day-to-day management of […]

  7. Favorite Icon Generator

    If you need to create all the different varieties of favorite icons for your next project, give Real FavIcon Generator a try. It will make all the different versions you need for Desktop, Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) – everything. You just upload an image and do a little tweaking, and boom. You get back […]

  8. Blocking Access to Non-Existing Themes in WordPress

    Over the last few months I have been seeing a rise in automated exploit scans of the WordPress based sites I manage. So I have decided to squash this annoying exploit by writing an .htaccess directive. The exploit scanner I was seeing across my managed sites were looking for a vulnerability in the followings directories […]

  9. Open a Samsung XL2270 Display for Repair

    I recently needed to open a Samsung SyncMaster XL2270 (aka Samsung SMLX2270) for repair, because it would randomly have horizontal lines that run through it and I wanted to check the connections and capacitors. When you check the monitor for screws or any other fasteners you won’t find any, so how do you get into […]

  10. iDevice Battery Tips

    Is your iDevices (iPhone or iPad) seem to be running out of power, before you do? Then try some of these great tips to resolve your battery woes.