Past Setups

Over the years I have had many different systems for my primary machine. This page honors a small selection of those past machines.

Mad Scientist Special v2 (2007)

This computer was designed fall 2006 and assembled in winter 2006. Mad Scientist v2 was in service between January 2007 – August 2013. This machine had a long and difficult life – starting with bad system memory for most of its life and ending with a dead motherboard.


Mad Scientist Special v2 (2007) – Custom Designed and Built Computer


Operating System

Microsoft Windows Vista: Business Edition
Microsoft Office 2007 Professional



Graphic Design





Web Services


This is my first Mac computer which I purchased from eBay for learning about Mac OS X.


Mobile Mad Scientist (2003)

My first notebook computer and machine I used full time between Mad Scientist v1/1.5 and Mad Scientist v2.


Mad Scientist Special v1 (2001)

This was my first custom built machine, after the initial build I did a partial upgrade about 18 months. This partial upgrade is reflected below as item either upgraded or added. Mad Scientist v1/1.5 was in service between Winter 2001 – Approx 2005, and its service was ended by an Registry Hive Corruption.


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I have left some lower level applications and services out for brevity, the full list would take days to write.

Last Updated: October 2013